Diversity Training

C R SMITH & ASSOCIATES will work with your organization to:

  • Develop diversity strategies that will support and facilitate accomplishment of your company or agency’s goals and objectives

  • Conduct cultural audits, using a variety of methods

  • Align diversity goals with your strategic plan and objectives

  • Recommend, assist or implement any necessary training for your employees, including the executive team, managerial staff, certified and non-certified employees

  • Assist in the creation and training of Diversity Councils and Teams to lead in your diversity efforts

Worksite Harassment Prevention

C R SMITH & ASSOCIATES will assist you in creating a harassment-free environment.

  • Develop clear and understandable harassment prevention policies and procedures

  • Review and revise existing policies, as needed, for alignment with local, state and federal laws

  • Recommend effective methods of policy communication and distribution

  • Design and implement appropriate harassment prevention training

  • Develop and design training for staff responsible for investigations

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Services include:
Diversity Training   Worksite Harassment Prevention
Services: Diversity Consultants and Harassment Prevention Trainers
Assisting: HR Professionals, School Administrators, Diversity Councils, Company Executives, etc.
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