Worksite Harassment Prevention

Worksite Harassment PreventionC R SMITH & ASSOCIATES will assist you in creating a harassment-free environment.

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It is essential that your company, school, or agency provide discriminatory harassment prevention training.


  • Over 20% of women report being sexually harassed at work, according to Employment Law Alliance

  • With nearly half of 135 million employed workers over 40, EEOC claims for age discrimination have increased to over 20% of all filings

  • The AAUW reports that 80% of boys and girls complain of sexual harassment at school

  • The national average for legal fees for harassment cases is $250,000. Judgments, of course, can run much higher.

  • Many supervisors and directors are still not aware that they may be personally liable if it is determined that they contributed to or mishandled harassment cases.

What is discriminatory harassment?
Those discriminatory acts that are a result of personís membership in one of the protected classes (i.e., race, sexual, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, and disability) are illegal.

Harassment Prevention Services
Policy Management:

- Develop clear and understandable harassment prevention policies and procedures
- Review and revise existing policies, as needed, for alignment with local, state and federal laws
- Recommend effective methods of policy communication and distribution


- Design and implement appropriate harassment prevention training
- Develop and design training for staff responsible for investigations

How does your company avoid claims of discriminatory harassment?

  • Enforce a written policy that is publicized and distributed

  • Train all employees about preventing harassment

  • Timely investigation

Services include:
Diversity Training   Worksite Harassment Prevention
Services: Diversity Consultants and Harassment Prevention Trainers
Assisting: HR Professionals, School Administrators, Diversity Councils, Company Executives, etc.
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