Diversity Training

Diversity TrainingC R SMITH & ASSOCIATES will work with your organization to:

  • Develop diversity strategies that will support and facilitate accomplishment of your company or agency’s goals and objectives

  • Conduct cultural audits, using a variety of methods

  • Align diversity goals with your strategic plan and objectives

  • Recommend, assist or implement any necessary training for your employees- from the executives, managerial staff, certified and non-certified employees

  • Assist in the creation and training of Diversity Councils and Teams to lead in your diversity efforts

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Advantages of Diverse Groups
According to numerous research studies, diversity is an asset to companies.

  • Ann Morrison, author of The New Leaders. Eleven of the twelve companies selected by Morrison as models of diversity were later discovered to be listed in Fortune magazine’s list of the most admired companies. Three of these companies won the national Malcolm Baldridge Award of quality.

  • Irving Janis, author of Victims of Groupthink. Janis, a social psychologist, studied the impact of “groupthink” as revealed in the poor decisions made by national advisory committees involved responsible for the handling of Challenger Space Shuttle disaster, the Bay of Pigs, and Pearl Harbor. “Groupthink” occurs when “similar people stifle criticism and contradictory opinions in favor of maintaining group cohesion.”

  • Rosabeth Moss Kanter and the Goodmeasure consulting group documented the importance differences in perspectives and assumptions for team success. Those companies which were more innovative also had more women and minorities and also tended to be more financially successful.

Diversification helps an organization connect with the diverse needs of an increasingly diverse United States. Note: 70% of new entrants in the workforce will be women and minorities. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

A workplace environment that emphasizes an interest and concern for its employees is better able to retain and recruit a higher-quality workforce.

Services include:
Diversity Training   Worksite Harassment Prevention
Services: Diversity Consultants and Harassment Prevention Trainers
Assisting: HR Professionals, School Administrators, Diversity Councils, Company Executives, etc.
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